About Comdata Czech
We at Comdata have been on the market for 20 years and currently employ over 50,000 professionals worldwide.
There are 1,200 of us only in the Czech Republic. We have 9 service centres,to serve both local and international clients.
Our history
The company has a rich history and has been operating in the Czech Republic for over 19 years. Here, we have established the very first commercial call centres and have been long setting trends in outsourcing and customer care for Czech and European markets.
  • 2000 – First commercial call centre in the Czechia
    This year marks the establishment of the very first commercial call centre in the country.
  • 2005 – First major cooperation
    In 2004 and 2005, we started collaborating with Telefonica O2 and HC. They have remained our long-standing business partners to this day.
  • 2008 – We go global
    Our company was acquired by the Spanish Atento Group and continue as Atento ČR. We opened new offices in Brno and Liberec in the following year.
  • 2012 – Comdata enters the Czech market
    Comdata comes to the Czech Republic and sets up an office in Ostrava.
  • 2013 – A new office in Chrudim
    We expanded our presence by setting up a new branch in Chrudim which has been contributing to key projects.
  • 2014 – Comdata acquires Atento Group
    The Czech section of Atento is acquired by Comdata.
  • 2015 – Formation of a stand-alone company Comdata Czech
    In 2015, we merged with Comdata to establish Comdata Czech a.s.
  • 2016 – Comdata Czech CEO
    Andrea Tonoli joins the top management of Comdata Czech.
  • 2017 – Most successful year in the company's history
    This year marked the record-breaking profit, and we became the first commercial subject to provide consumer credit.

    A new office is Krnov is opened in April.
  • 2018 – Expansion with 3 new offices
    New three offices in Hradec Králové, Trutnov, and Žďár nad Sázavou after acquisition of ComGate a.s.
  • 2019 – Partial takeover of Conduent
    At the beginning of the year, we obtained a part of the Conduent office in Ostrava with 50 employees.
Our branches
Comdata has currently 9 offices throughout the Czech Republic – Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Krnov, Žďár n. S., Hradec Králové, Trutnov, and Liberec. There is over 1,200 of us!
Our management
The members of the management of Comdata Czech are top professionals who are committed to the company and share a single vision about its future and direction.

Andrea Tonoli

CEO of Comdata Czech
I have been the CEO of Comdata Czech since 2016 and I am immensely grateful for living in the Czech Republic.

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Petra Smejkalová

Head of Finance
My name is Petra Smejkalová and I am in charge of finances in Comdata. I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague.

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Lenka Volocká

Head of HR
My name is Lenka Volocká and work as the Head of HR in Comdata. I graduated from the Technical University in Ostrava.

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Jan Nedělník

Head of Operation
I am Jan Nedělník and I have been working in Comdata since 2011. I started as an active line operator and grew with the company.

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Radek Šlang

Head of IT
My name is Radek Šlang and I joined Comdata in 2012 as a Scheduling Coordinator.

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Javier Ortega

Head of Client Management
My name is Javier Ortega and I have been living in the Czech Republic for nearly 10 years.

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Marco Biraghi

Planning Manager
I am Marco Biraghi and I come from Italy. I have been in Comdata for 6 years.

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Adam Koudelka

Head of Sales and Marketing
My name is Adam Koudelka and my carrier started in 2009 as a support manager.

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