Innovation in Comdata
Speech Analytics
Thanks to our participation in the BISON international project, we can analyse 100 % of call,which a crucial breakthrough in quality management. As a result, we can create a complete pictureof all calls thanks to speech analyses.

We can analyse customer calls in real time and give you valuable feedback. zpětnou vazbu.
Analyse 100 % calls

The advanced speech analysis originating from the BISON project helps you to better understand your customers, develop sales strategies based on their responses, or track their positive and negative responses in the call script.

With Speech Analytics, you will get a perfect tool to improve communication with clients and potential customers.

Advanced speech analysis at your disposal

Speech analyses

Receive regular overviews through an analysis report containing variables set according to the client's wishes. Our system can recognize the customer's channel.

CRM integration

We can manage metadata, send automated reports, and track data by agents or individual calls.

Error analysis

Our analyses can detect errors in the customer reaching process and suggest changes to their addressing thanks to complex reports.