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The first customer centre that is not afraid of esports

Comdata Czech a.s. constantly follows what is trendy and keeps up with the times. And its entry into the field of computer games proves that it is definitely not afraid of novelties.

Tournament for employees and partners We're already playing 12311 hours

What is esport?

It is the organized competitive play of players or teams, in any online game, on any platform (PC, console, mobile). Competitions have clear rules and both amateur and professional players can participate.

How is esport viewed and sometimes even viewed?

A bunch of guys in sweaty T-shirts playing games for kids

What is the reality?

  • A gamer is about as different from an esport player as Franta from the county league and Messi
  • Average salary ($1K, $15K + winnings for top players)
  • Players have coaches, nutritionists, marketing departments, etc.

Why do we get into esports?

A lot of us played games as kids, a lot of us still play them now, and maybe a little bit thanks to the pandemic, a lot of us have come back to them. Especially in this difficult time in the world, we focus on activities that can put a smile back on our faces.

History of esports in Comdata

In autumn 2021, a pilot project called Esport in Comdata was launched. The first step was a tournament, the final of which was held before Christmas for valuable game prizes and an invitation to the Esport League of Companies (ELF).Employees across the Czech and Slovak Republics competed in the game. The response was very positive, so we decided to continue and develop the industry and thus the Comdata E-league was created, whose greatest strength is that the very shape of the E-league is created from among our colleagues. We've assembled a core team of volunteers who work in esports and will give direction to our project from idea, to organization, streaming, commenting, graphics, video and the final product.

Comdata Gamers

Comdata's first esport team, formed from the ranks of the tournament winners. The team will represent us in the official Esport League of Companies (ELF), which starts in March 2022, in two categories. A second Comdata tournament will run concurrently with the ELF, with the winner of the tournament challenging the current Comdata Gamers team to try and take their place in the following ELF season.

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Project Coordinators

team comdata member Jan Vacula Team Leader team comdata member Kateřina Kopecká Marketing & Community Manager


team comdata member Ondřej Suška team comdata member David Csibri team comdata member David Posiřil team comdata member Jan Lebr team comdata member Markéta Šebestíková
team comdata member Martin Pospíšil
team comdata member Michaela Srholcová team comdata member Tomáš Mikolášek team comdata member Daniel Pasaric
team comdata member Miroslav Ľalík
team comdata member Alžbeta Lončíková


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