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Vision and execution

Vision and execution

We strive for excellence in every step and work to make things happen.

Trust and loyalty

Trust and loyalty

Every day we build customer trust and strengthen the loyalty of our troops.



We have an innovative approach, which is why we are constantly moving forward.



We believe in an international team, we benefit from cultural diversity.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We support the communities in which we work and live and strive to make the world a better place.

General Staff

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Jan Nedělník


My name is Jan Nedělník and I have been with Comdata since 2011. I started as an active line operator, then supervisor, then manager of the back office department. Over time, through various positions, I rose to the current CEO of Comdata Czech and Hungary, where I am responsible for the results of the entire company in the local market. Outside of work I enjoy badminton, skiing, volleyball, books, and most of all a great family.

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Adam Koudelka

Head of Sales and Marketing

My name is Adam Koudelka and in 2009 I started my journey in customer service as a Call Center Support Manager and since then I have worked my way up through several positions across the sector. This has given me a lot of experience from different perspectives. Since 2018, I am responsible for the sales and marketing department and business unit at Comdata. I studied applied cybernetics in Hradec Kralove so a bit of IT stuff has a place in my history.

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Lenka Volocká

Head of HR

My name is Lenka Volocká and I work at Comdata as Head of HR. I graduated from VŠB - TU in Ostrava, majoring in Marketing and Business. I have been in marketing my whole career and for the last few years I have been intensively involved in a specific area - HR Marketing. Currently I am leading a team of HR specialists in the Czech Republic and Hungary. An essential part of my daily work is creating recruitment strategies. And what do I like to do? Sports, a good book, music and my children.

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Petra Smejkalová

Head of Finance

My name is Petra Smejkalová and I am in charge of finance at Comdata. I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague (not finance, but international business and human resources management) and I also have a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University. In my free time I like to read and learn foreign languages. I even boast a collection of foreign language textbooks.

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Radek Šlang

Head of IT

My name is Radek Šlang and I joined Comdata in 2012 as Scheduling Coordinator. Since then, I have moved through various positions and currently I am the Head of IT, where I work with a team of IT specialists taking care of IT infrastructure, telephony, application portfolio and end users. I studied Telecommunications and Electronic Equipment in Pardubice. In my spare time I like to travel, ride a motorcycle and play squash and go to the fitness center.

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Javier Ortega

Business Unit Director

My name is Javier Ortega and I have lived in the Czech Republic for over 10 years. I work at Comdata as Business Unit Director. I graduated from Escuela Bancaria Comercial in Mexico City with a degree in Marketing. I am an early bird and I love sports. I also love food, I eat almost everything (except chocolate and seafood). I like listening to music especially rock. My favorite band is Metallica.

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Roman Hrbek

Business Unit Director

My name is Roman Hrbek and I've been with Comdata since 2014. I started as an operator and gradually worked my way up to the current position of Business Unit Director, where I am responsible for one of the divisions in the Czech Republic and Hungary. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my wife and dog or do photography.

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Josef Jon

Business Unit Director

My name is Josef Jon and I joined Comdata in 2021 as Business Unit Director. I have been in the call center industry for almost 20 years, working in care, customer satisfaction, sales, digital lead generation and customer retention. I am in charge of the multi-sector division where I can apply my experience with both B2C and B2B customers. In my spare time, I enjoy my family and winter sports.

Důležité milníky na naší misi

2021 - Entering Hungary

We enter Hungary and open our first office in Budapest.

2020 - Home office as the new standard

We are starting to work with the Czech government, actively helping to manage the global pandemic on government lines. We are moving to a work-at-home model.

2019 - We built a social company

We set up the social enterprise Comdata PRO to support the employment of people with disabilities and disadvantages.

2019 - We take over part of Conduent

At the beginning of the year, we take over part of the Ostrava branch of Conduent and grow by 50 employees.

2018 - We are expanding by 3 branches

With the purchase of the call centre ComGate a.s. we are expanding by 3 branches in Hradec Králové, Trutnov and Žďár nad Sázavou.

2017 - The most successful year in history

In 2017, we had record profits and became the first commercial entity in the Czech Republic to become a consumer credit intermediary.
In April, we also expanded our branch in Krnov.

2016 - New CEO of Comdata Czech

Andrea Tonoli joins Comdata Czech from the parent company.

2015 - Establishment of a single company Comdata Czech

In 2015, we merged with Comdata to form the unified company Comdata Czech a.s.

2014 - Comdata acquires Atento Group

In 2014, the Czech part of Atento is acquired by the Comdata Group.

2013 - New branch in Chrudim

We are expanding with a new branch in Chrudim, which is successfully involved in key projects.

2012 - Comdata enters the Czech market

Comdata enters the Czech Republic and establishes a branch in Ostrava.

2008 - We are international

The Spanish group Atento invests in our company and we continue as Atento CR. The following year we open branches in Brno and Liberec.

2005 - First major collaboration

In 2004 and 2005, we started working with Telefonica O2 and HC. Now both are our stable and long-term partners.

2000 - Establishment of the first commercial call centre in the Czech Republic

In 2000, the first commercial call centre in the Czech Republic was established.

Our awards

Czech Contact Center Award 2020

  • in the category People:
  • 1st place: Happy hour with a celebrity
  • 2nd place: Adaptation process
  • in the category Clients:
  • 2nd place: Help lines 112, 1221 and CMZRB
  • in the Call Center Personality category:
  • 2nd place: Tereza Kabátová


  • Special Award:
  • Covid-19 response

Czech Contact Center Award 2019

  • in the category People:
  • 2nd place: HR onboarding proces
  • in the Technology category:
  • 2nd place: Speech analysis

Czech Contact Center Award 2019

  • Stanislav Cigánek, Comdata PRO

Top Employer of 2018

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